Inspections in Finland are statutory and made by inspection stations. Inspections are made according to law, commandments and EUs directives. (Directive 2010/48/EY)


Annual vehicle inspection


Annual inspection is a regularly performed inspection in which the vehicle’s condition and information recorded in the register are examined. In addition to examining the vehicle’s condition, the annual inspection verifies that the vehicle is safe for use in traffic and that it does not cause excessive damage to the environment. Annual inspection also monitors the payment of vehicle tax and fees.

Recommended repairs instructed in the inspection are saved in the vehicle data system and printed out on the certificate. Repair recommendations are deleted from the certificate in the following annual inspection, providing that the defects have been repaired.


Determining the date of annual vehicle inspection

If the date of introduction into use of the vehicle is marked on the registration certificate, the vehicle must undergo inspection no later than on the day corresponding to the date of introduction into use, marked in the registration certificate as follows:

The inspection may be performed at the earliest 4 months prior to the date in question.

For example, a passenger car taken into use on 16 March 2007 must be inspected between 16 November and 16 March 2010.


Rejecting in annual inspection


The follow-up inspection of a vehicle rejected in annual inspection must be carried out within one month from the inspection. If the follow-up inspection period has expired, a new, complete inspection must be carried out.

The follow-up inspection period (one month) is determined according to the regulations concerning fixed periods. If a vehicle has been presented for annual vehicle inspection e.g. on 28 February, its follow-up inspection period expires on 28 March.

The vehicle cannot be used in traffic (prohibition of use) if it has not been presented for inspection within the determined inspection period, or the use of the vehicle has been prohibited in inspection.


Registration inspection


Registration inspection is performed on an individual vehicle for the purpose of classifying it. The inspection is carried out on a vehicle prior to its registration in Finland. It involves determining the vehicle’s technical data and compliance with regulations, as well as examining the condition, structure and equipment of the vehicle.


Alteration inspection


The purpose of alteration inspections is to approve alterations made to vehicles and amend or complete the information in the vehicle register.

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